The Writer’s Revenge

Imagine a world where libel and defamation are legal. A world where anyone can say anything about your business or product, and you have no recourse at all. Even if it’s something they’ve never used, and have no interest in, they could leave scathing reviews and no one could say anything. Where any protest you might make, no matter how slight or needed, was labeled “childish” or “amateurish.” A place where no site administration ever listened to your complaints, or even made sure the reviewer was a real person.

Welcome to the world of authors. Since it’s wholly “unprofessional” to even speak of such issues, here is the next best thing.

The Hatchet Job of the Year is awarded to critics who tear apart an author’s work in a way that entertains others. There are hundreds of sites that tear apart our book covers, if they don’t meet someone’s arbitrary criteria. Of course there are millions of reviewers online to dissect the content. So, to be frank, it’s time that authors found some humor and entertainment from the critics and reviewers. This is best of the worst book reviews available online.

Don’t reviewers deserve to be heard? Absolutely, just like the people they review. And, as so many critics say, when you put your words out there, you’re taking a risk that someone may say something negative about them.

Note: These are all Amazon reviews, unless otherwise noted, and we have tastefully censored the identities of the culprits. For the exceptionally skittish, we’ve even censored the date of the review. 





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