Red Eye Meets The Talented Mr. Ripley

It seems like a plot out of Hollywood, rather than anything in real. Author Kristine Carlson was on a regular flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow Airport. She was seated […]

The Great War of Jacqueline Howett

The fighting is now one-sided, and modern combatants are left asking why it even began. Jacqueline Howett’s novel, The Greek Seaman, was self-published. She was an unknown author. In 2011, […]

Sookie Needs a Safehouse

Holy Columbia, Juan Valdez! We are taught that Misery is “just a Stephen King book.” We’re told its fiction and there really aren’t any Annie Wilkes in the world. Yes. […]

You Aren’t Alone

Cease and Desist Book Reviewer!

Friends, writers, and countrymen… don’t be that guy. The one who invents frivolous lawsuits to go after major organizations. Who trademarks regular, run-of-the-mill phrases in the hopes of bilking someone […]