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What We Do

We highlight the strange, bizarre, and unusual reviews, practices, news, and advice pertaining to the professional writing world. So, what constitutes this?

  • Fraud or dishonesty
  • Personal attacks
  • Threats against the author or book professional
  • Crimes involving authors
  • Author/Reviewer Stalking
  • Strange, unusual, and/or abnormal book reviews.



This Site Does Not

  • Condone any contact, whatsoever (physical or virtual), in any way, shape, or form, between an author and any reviewer or critic mentioned on this site. DO NOT DO IT.
  • Condone any form of harassment or retaliation beyond the good-natured humor here, on this site.
  • Consider legitimate book reviews as a negative, regardless of their rating or content.
  • Condone ANY cruel or unusual author/reader behavior.