Kurtis Kasner


Kurtis Kasner had a perfect teaching record in September of 2014. He’d worked as an educator along the west coast for thirty years, and remained a substitute teacher in Bothell, Washington. He was also the author of the science fiction/fantasy series Through a Hole in the Universe.

Kasner brought his computer to a shop for repairs in October of 2014. What was found changed everything. The repairman was appalled to find pornographic images of children on Kasner’s computer. The technician turned the computer over to his boss, who then involved the authorities.

Kasner was promptly arrested on child pornography charges. Detectives interrogated him. He initially claimed he just collected such images, and had been fascinated with them all his life. After further questioning, Kasner admitted to child molestation. Twice. He claimed he didn’t see anything wrong with it at all.

Kasner accepted a guilty plea deal and remains in the sex offender registry.





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