Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

It has became abundantly clear that the format of one bad review per post is impossible. There are simply too many. So, here is a whole bunch. If, at any […]

Kurtis Kasner

Kurtis Kasner had a perfect teaching record in September of 2014. He’d worked as an educator along the west coast for thirty years, and remained a substitute teacher in Bothell, […]

Crappy Book Cover Sites

Yes, we have another article from the illustrious Anonymous Author. By crikey! We begin with a mystery! Does the writer refer to sites about crappy book covers? or to crappy […]

William Shakespeare-The Complete Works #1

Gosh Henry. That’s Great! JUST KIDDING. THIS IS THE WORST REVIEW I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! And 5 readers found William Shatner’s speechwriter HELPFUL!   #We.Are.Doomed #CallMeHenryJustNotLateForDinner […]

John Steinbeck-Of Mice and Men 1#

  Yea, Steinbeck. You Pinko Commie. You shouldn’t have written IT.   #We.Are.Doomed #FineTinFoilMillinery

George Orwell-1984 #1

  I think this is probly one of the worst favers anyone has ever done for me. Sorry, George. Don’t quit your day job.   #DownwithGeorgeOrwell #DoMeAFaver