Red Eye Meets The Talented Mr. Ripley

Readers Behaving Badly, Tragic, Unbelievable

It seems like a plot out of Hollywood, rather than anything in real. Author Kristine Carlson was on a regular flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow Airport. She was seated next to wedding photographer Mark Jury. There was nothing unusual about the flight, the two frequently talked, and Carlson even gave him a copy of one of her books.

The gesture of kindness, however, would have disastrous consequences. He sent thousands of emails, gifts, and social media mentions. The more Carlson rejected him, the darker his threats became. He even resorted to stealing her identity and creating other fictional social media accounts to go after her. Between December 2012 and February of 2014, Jury sent over 615 messages online. Several even had pictures that claimed to be Carlson’s late husband’s coffin. As if the stalking wasn’t enough, Jury also targeted her daughter.

The ordeal lasted an unbelievable seven years. It wasn’t until Jury started demanding $150,000 to stop that the authorities got involved. He told the court a psychic told him he would meet his future mother-in-law on a plane. He became increasingly convinced he was supposed to marry her daughter.

He received a lifetime restraining order barring him from ever contacting the Carlson family, and 4 and half years in prison.

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